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Hypnotek offers smart products that go with the modern lifestyle and allow to control the lighting and security systems in your house by swiping your finger or touching the screen or giving orders to facilitate the lifestyle through the use of new technology.

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Make it Hypn with smart living solutions!

Techy products that will change the way you live.

Hypnotek provides a wide array of smart solutions that transforms the way you live, its about making life convenient! whether from keeping your drink cold or hot, to controlling your home or office from your mobile to simply transforming the ambience around you.
Everyday routines simply hypnotizes people, with Hypnotek, you receive the on switch.

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Smart Living

Smart living products that fit with your modern lifestyle. Hypnotek offers sharp product solutions with multiple benefits to help you save time and create an easy lifestyle.

Smart Signature Design Lighting

Brighten your space with Hypnotek’s selective signature design lighting to add a touch of beauty and flair around you.

J2 Desk Light


Desk Lamp

Colorful Light.

Innovation in your Life



Adjustable Light Angle, On-base Switch, LED. Blue light elimination technology (Patented).


Bianca Desk Lamp

Adjustability with built-in wireless charger For wireless charging: smartphone

Bianca Disk Lamp
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Lighted Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker

The best lighting for a flawless makeup application.

DuDu Mirror

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yoyo Mirror

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Moon Mirro

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